Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Webcams.com Affiliate program

Our affiliate program offers an opportunity to sell memberships for a commission. We provide all necessary tools to effectively sell memberships and offer the
following features:

Weekly Payouts

Our pay periods end on Saturday and payments are issued on Wednesday.


Full content database including over 100,000 pictures and 1000's of videos.

Flexible Pay Methods

We can issue payment to you by Epassporte, by Check, or by Wire Transfer.

We can also order an Epassporte card for you for convenient payouts.

RSS Feeds

Numerous RSS feeds to keep your site updated dynamically using our content.

Q: Why should I use Webcams.com instead of another cam site?

We understand that there are many cam sites available and they all have great features. Some key reasons you should use us instead of them:

* We start at $25 per free sign up and go all the way up to $100+ depending on your link preferences. A lot of webcam programs say they pay a huge amount 'per sign up' such as starting at $60+, but really, they only pay you when a customer buys time on their site. We pay you as soon as the customer's membership is approved.
* High revshare payouts for a long term income stream
* Revshare is calculated on a gross basis, before processing fees.
* Revshare is tracked in the database instead of with cookies, to ensure long-term performance
* Webcams.com is a trusted domain name. Customers will feel legitimacy as soon as they see the domain name of the site they are joining. Trust equals more sign ups and better ratios
* Better marketing tools, including full access to all model images and videos
* No over saturation.

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