Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Top points of cumming in a cinema!

In this secret collection of photos from cinema you will see a slew of famous actress, many of them sex symbols at the point of cumming in a sex scene. Among the famous erotic moments in movies showcased here are Charlotte Gainsbourg in Nymphomaniac, Halle Berry in Monster's Ball and Josephine De La Baume in Kiss of the Damned. We have also included a shot of one of the most famous faked orgasms in history which is that of Meg Ryan faking it in a restaurant to Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally.

What is better way to have a "happy ending" than to showcase some of best photos of celebrity orgasm faces as seen in many mainstream and popular movies on this site.

                                                            Marilyn Monroe

                                             Charlotte Gainsbourg (in Nymphomaniac)

                                                                Dakota Johnson

                                                                       Faye Dunaway

                                                                      Glenn Close

                                                              De La Baume


                                                           Kristen Stewart

                                                              Mena Suvari

                                                             Michelle Williams

                                                                   Nicole Kidman 

                                                                    Sook Yin Lee 

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