Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do you have healthy relationship?

What Is a Healthy Relationship?

Have you ever wondered that what makes a healthy relationship? How do you know whether the current romantic relationship, love affair, or even marriage is the 'right' one for you?

A healthy relationship doesn't make you feel miserable. You don't need to endlessly obsess about issues over which you have no control, such as "Will he ever leave his wife so that we can be married, even after his children graduate from college, like he promised?"

Why do so many people settle for being unhappy as a way of life? Often it's because they don't feel they deserve to be happy. But love doesn't, or shouldn't, make you feel bad.

Well, toxic love can -- and may result in relentless anxiety about the one who holds your life, hopes, and well-being in the palm of his (or her) hand.Desperate, worried people tend to be possessive, jealous, clinging, whiny, and/or unreasonable. Everyone needs some psychic space, and having such anxious demands placed on you can be suffocating.

Strengths of a healthy relationship are

Mutual respect





Good communication

How to develop healthy relationship? Partners in a healthy relationship say:

(1) What each of us expects from the other is fair and realistic.

(2) We are happy with one another, as we are.

(3) Each of us listens to the other, and cares.

(4) There is ample room for each of us to have a separate life/self. We know we are two separate people who choose to be together and grow/nurture a wonderful, loving relationship.

(5) We can argue or disagree, and remain friends.

(6) Each of us has come to rely on the other, because we value our relationship as a top priority.

(7) Mutual communication and sharing is valued by each of us.

(8) Neither of us must be something or someone other than what we are, to please the other.

(9) Total honesty is a shared value, as well as kindness and sensitivity toward one another's feelings.

(10) Our relationship works well now, not as an unfulfilled goal to be hoped for in the future.

(11) We are both committed to the relationship, and to one another. Neither of us threatens to leave.

(12) We love and care for one another, unconditionally

Do you have healthy relationship?

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